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Kristen Capolino's a great guitar player - she plays with conviction and energy that you rarely see! Born in Romania and raised in NY, Kristen started playing guitar at the age of five. Kristen's top 2 influences were Michael Schenker & Gary Moore. Kristen has played with: Michael Schenker, Les Paul, James Burton, Steve Lukather, Al DiMeola, Earl Slick, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Albert Lee, Doyle Dykes, Jennifer Batten, Junior Brown, Nokie Edwards, REV Jones, Y & T, UFO, Bret Michaels, Lita Ford, Blue Oyster Cult, Wycleff Jean, Rat Race Choir, Megan McCauley, All Time Low, SATO, Audible Thought, Joe Payne Band, Upstart Blues w/Pete Hop, Copy Cats, Split Image, Four Guys in Disguise, B.B. Grand, MADDOG, Lonestar Blues Band, Little Scotty and the Knockouts.

Who else should a 20 year old girl be listening to? As you can see, she is on the exuberant side! Read more about her in our exclusive interview with Kristen below.

When did you start your musical career?

Well, I remember my father introducing me to Gary Moore's music when I was about five years old. Immediately, I connected with his soulful and intense style of playing, so I would watch his videos everyday and play along with them. He is definitely one of the reasons why I started to play the guitar. Within a few years, I realized that music is what I wanted to do.

Who are your musical influences?

My two main musical influences are Gary Moore and Michael Schenker. I feel that they have shaped my playing in many ways. At the same time, I am influenced by Al DiMeola, Earl Slick, Santana, Albert Lee, and Nick Moroch. Although I mostly play heavy rock, I also enjoy playing a bit of jazz and fusion as well. Regarding these styles, my influences are John Scofield, John McLaughlin, and Larry Carlton, to name a few.

How are your songs inspired -- life experiences, poetry, other?

I would definitely say that my songs are inspired by life experiences or by whatever moves me.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Well, I definitely hope to tour Europe and the U.S. Meeting and playing with Gary Moore would just be a dream come true, and I would love to record a fusion album with Al DiMeola as well. At the same time, it would be incredible to record with Michael Schenker. Finally, I hope to have worked on a few sessions for movies and such.

What is your next project?

I'm currently finishing up my second album that I began recording last summer. I had the pleasure of working with some prestigious musicians. Earl Slick is producing this album so I had the pleasure of recording five songs with Sterling Campbell and Gail Ann Dorsey of David Bowie. In addition, I recorded 5 more songs with Dug Pinnick and Jerry Gaskill of none other than King's X. It really was a blast working with those guys. I am also recording an instrumental with Jennifer Batten, which has been a lot of fun.

Where can our readers catch a live performance?

Well, I'm going to do a show down in Gainesville, FL, on April 15th, and I was invited again to play at the James Burton International Guitar Festival in Shreveport, LA, at the end of August. I also have some other shows in the works so my website will updated accordingly.

Thanks, Kristen, for chatting with us about your career and what's next for you. Please check out her sites below for more information.!/profile.php?id=1015933667